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IACI Virtual Presentations

Are you looking for intellectual nourishment or just good storytelling about Ireland past and present? Look no further. We offer an attractive menu of options. 


Though its connections with American academics, scholars, and practitioners around the world, the Irish American Cultural Institute is able to draw on the deep knowledge and painstaking training of experts in a broad array of fields related to the rich history and culture of modern and contemporary Ireland. 


Already the Institute has successfully launched a series of talks (each lasting 45-60 minutes) on such topics as the Great Famine and Irish emigration over the period 1845-1900; Daniel O'Connell and Irish anti-slavery; Irish traditional music (with performance intermixed); Irish art and politics in the twentieth century; and Ireland and Brexit. 


These talks have been and will continue to be recorded for later use and become available soon after each event. Please see our archived presentations below:   


Upcoming Presentations
Programs subject to change.  All presentations begin at 7pm EST, unless otherwise noted.


Aug. 3 (Wednesday):  Sean Farrell - Belfast Poverty in the 1840s


Sept. 21 (Wednesday):  Nicholas Wolf - the Irish Language and Modern Irish Culture