Irish American Cultural Institute

Providing leadership and resources to preserve, interpret, and promote Irish and Irish American Cultures

Governance & Financial Information

The Irish American Cultural Institute takes its mission seriously and therefore works to protect the resources entrusted to it by the public. The Institute is governed by a single Board of Directors, which is made up of volunteers . Our system of organizational governance ensures the input of appropriate experts on decision making and strategic oversight of comprehensive nationwide operations.
Board of Directors

The Irish American Cultural Institute was established in 1962 by a small group of individuals, the Institute has been governed by volunteers since its inception. The Board of Directors is composed of 4 officers and 12 directors. Directors are elected for a four-year term. The Board is responsible for setting policy, establishing long-term goals, monitoring general operations, and approving the organizational outcomes and allocation of resources.

The Board is the sole governing and fiduciary body for the Irish American Cultural Institute, and as such it sets policy, develops and approves an enterprise-wide strategic plan and related resource allocation, and is responsible for the performance of the organization as a whole.

2018 Board of Directors

James S. Donnelly - Chairman

F. Peter Halas - Vice-Chairman

Al Nunan - Treasurer

Barbara Lyons - Secretary

Joseph Brennan

Michael Dwyer

Michael Farrell

Edward F. Ginty

Ned Ginty

Catherine Marshall

Deirdre McKiernan-Hetzler

Cormac O'Malley

Nicholas Wolf

Ethics and Financial Practices

To preserve the public's trust and protect the Institute''s strong reputation, the Institute has adopted many of the governance practices used by publicly traded for-profit companies. The Institute's written Financial Disclosure & Conflict of Interest Policy contains a mechanism for managing and disclosing conflicts of interest, as well as a Whistleblower Protection Policy for staff and volunteers.  The Instute's Document Destruction and Retention policy ensures that vital information is available according to strict guidelines.

Financial Information

The Institute has earned the public trust by demonstrating a history of careful and proven financial stewardship. We have over a half century of experience being a responsible, responsive, and independent organization

When individuals are seeking to make a charitable contribution, we know there are many choices, and we encourage people to look at how effectively the organization delivers on its mission, in addition to how efficiently it operates.  We are deeply committed to reporting our effectiveness and efficiency as an organization to the people who support us each year.

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